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Professional Course In Acting, Modeling And Dancing

Duration 6 Months- 21 Class

Child Modeling

Your Child Be a Model ?

Child Model Strategies

  • Get the picture
    Your first contact with a modeling agency should be by mail. "Send two or three color snapshots of your child, including head-only and full-body photos, and a short letter stating your interest. But play it straight -- no funny hats or pictures of Junior with chocolate cake all over his face. Many advertisers actually prefer an average-looking, kid-next-door child. Children who wear certain popular clothing sizes -- 3, 5, and 10 -- also get more work.
  • Put on your walking shoes
    Once you sign on with a reputable agency, the real work begins: You and your child will be sent on a number of go-sees, brief meetings with representatives of firms who may be interested in hiring your child and want to look them over.
  • Be realistic
    Though you may have visions of mega-millions rolling in from your child's modeling, this is rarely ever the case.
  • Don't take rejection to heart
    If you do decide to help your child pursue a modeling career, prepare yourself for this certainty: At some point, someone's going to reject her. It may happen right away, with your snapshots being returned in the mail, or later at an agency interview or go-see. Don't let it bother you. Remember, modeling agencies and their clients don't always look for the most beautiful or perfect-looking child to sell a product or represent a story. They may want anything from a tiny brunet with a spray of freckles across her nose to a gap-toothed boy with curly red hair. Your child may simply be the wrong shirt size, or she may even be too cute. At least there's someone who always thinks she's picture-perfect -- you!
  • They will contact you
    Trust me, if they are interested in your child they will. And in most cases, if you are contacted by multiple agencies you can work with ALL the agencies (unless you have to sign a non-compete, which is not normal unless you are highly regarded).

    • Regular introduction.
    • Voice Modulation
    • Speech pattern
    • Expression.
    • Script Reading.
    • Basic of Modeling-
      1. Model’s Pose
      2. Body Language
    • Runway Technique-
      1. Ramp Walk
      2. Cat Walk
    • Professional Photo Movement- (6 classes)
      1. Portfolio Poses.
    • Video Fashion Modeling.
    • Make-up Artistry.
    • Personality Development.
    • Grooming-
      1. Skin Care
      2. Hair Care
      3. Nail Care.
    • Fashion Work Shop (3 Classes)
    • Free style dance .

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